Turner-Prize-winning artist; BAFTA-winning documentary maker; author; social commentator; curator; great inspiration to all at the Sarabande alumni; Grayson Perry CBE leads this unmissable talk.

Through his work Grayson analyses identity; looking at class, gender, religion, and other social constructs whilst exploring historical and contemporary themes.  He questions these constructs, himself and his research with wit and great honesty.

Grayson narrates contemporary life, scrutinizing what decor and decorum, taste and status really is. Using traditional media such as printmaking, tapestry, and ceramics, he investigates how each medium has been made into a stereotype - which proves to be a burdensome task to undo. 

Since 2004, second-year print students at Central St Martins have taken part in 'The Grayson Perry Project', which see students research, develop, design, print and make an outfit for 'Claire', his flamboyant persona. The project sees him buying finished garments from students, a gesture that acts as a celebration of collaboration - not only is Grayson a tutor, muse and model but a genuine customer too.