Michaela Yearwood-Dan

Michaela Yearwood-Dan is a contemporary British artist born in South London in 1994. Her work often depicts a variety of topics based on observations of society and self, tending to explore themes of class, culture/race, gender and nature - most recent works consider love, loss and reflection, whilst remaining playful, personal and vibrant. Working predominately with paint and collage, Yearwood-Dan's art is habitually thick and sumptuous, with references to both the origins of traditional Fine Art and pop culture; including images of late night food spots, overtly feminine stereotypes and botanical influences within personalised visual narrative. As a contemporary artist working in a historically renowned art form - that, critically, is seen by some as a “dying" -  Yearwood-Dan’s work focuses heavily on method and technique, often borrowing and adapting traits from western, Japanese and Chinese historical painting and craft.