Esna Su

“It's a big part of my life being at Sarabande and I'll always remember my time with a big smile. I would never have been brave enough to do this without the support of Sarabande.”


Esna Su was in residence in Sarabande Studios for two years and has produced two performative installations here as part of Refugee Week 2017 & 18. She exhibited in Sarabande's jewellery showcase and workshop in 2017 and was flown to China to exhibit her pieces and performance as part of Shanghai Fashion Weekend. Su is a Hospital Club 100 winner and, with works that span jewellery, art and sculpture, is a perfect representation of the cross-disciplinary approach of the Foundation. Esna aims to expose the burden of displacement, creating items shaped around belongings of her family, leaving a ghost of something left behind. Craft, family and tradition are key to her practise and she uses traditional Turkish techniques of weaving, twining, and crochet that were handed down by her mother and grandmother. The pieces she makes are often wearable, and exist in performance, as art, and as sculptures that can be worn on the body.