Elena-Andreea Teleaga

“Sarabande is my second family and plays an extremely vital role in my development as an artist. Even during this controversial period of time, the Sarabande community makes me feel like I belong, and offers me so much support in dealing with the struggles of being an artist in London.” 


Elena-Andreea Teleaga is a lens-based media artist whose work is rooted in photography. She creates installations using analogue photography, photo-montages, collages and projections in order to explore the relationship between experience, space and existence, delving into the experimental side of photography. Being born in a former communist country, Romania, her background is inevitably visible in the body of work which questions the historical past and the present socio-political context.

In 2017, Andreea was awarded the Sarabande Foundation scholarship to study a Masters programme at Slade School of Fine Art in Fine Art Media, chosen by Frieze co-founder, Matthew Slotover.