What's In My Bandits Bag? with Leyman Lahcine

What's In My Bandits Bag? with Leyman Lahcine

Leyman Lahcine is a Sarabande artist creating an expansive body of work with unique and playful visual vocabulary, using bright colours and cartoon like imagery within a dark and melancholic mood.

Spiritual masks, existential questions and gifted instruments - we caught Leyman in House of Bandits to dive into his Bandit Bag, uncovering the personal stories and memories that are held to each possession:

Through paintings, drawings and sculpture, Leyman combines religious and mythologic references with the idea of transgenerational trauma and emotional weights we carry. Lahcine’s figures and narratives consistently draw connection between the movements of his internal thoughts and everyday experiences, bringing about striking collisions of emotionally charged images.

We hope you enjoyed the first episode of 'What's In My Bandits Bag?' - Stay tuned to discover the unique treasures that accompany Sarabande artists on their creative journey. From special tokens to cherished books, the series is a great opportunity to show the essentials tucked away in their very own House of Bandits bag.

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