What does it means to be human? - Paloma Tendero presents new work for IWD

What does it means to be human? - Paloma Tendero presents new work for IWD

For Earth Monsters, our exhibition for International Women's Day, Sarabande visual artist, Paloma Tendero, presented 'On Mutability Sequence' - exploring how sequences of DNA can reveal a wealth of genetic information, helping in the identification of genes that encode proteins, regulatory instructions that govern gene expression, and mutations that can lead to disease.

This project investigates the implications of genetic inheritance and fertility, sparking discussions about the challenges of creating new life in today's complex world. She balances internal and external factors by using papier-mâché eggs made from recycled egg cartons.

During the exhibition, we caught up with Paloma to gain firsthand insights into the intricacies of the exhibited work:


 “All of the women in the world have to question this idea of, do I want to have children or not?”

Earth Monsters created a landscape where the relationship between gender and nature was explored. The exhibition deviated from the idea of the Mother Earth and presented new ways to think about the body in relation to nature by drawing attention to concepts of fertility, family, body autonomy, tradition, the female body and post-human. Physical or imagined, natural or fabricated, all artists in this show use nature to challenge our relationship with gender.



We would like to give a big thank you to everyone who came to see the show, if you were unable to see the show in person you can explore Earth Monsters virtually here.