Presenting 'WARPED' - an exhibition by Anouska Samms, Martina Spetlova & Megan Brown

Sarabande presents 'WARPED', an exhibition by Sarabande alumni Anouska Samms, Martina Spetlova & Megan Brown

Ever wanted to weave on a GIANT 8 meters x 2.5 meters loom?  Now is your chance!

Bring your friends, kids, even your next door neighbour! Everyone is welcome - we need your hands to bring the exhibition to life.

Exploring the loom process, and craft-making at large, this immersive exhibition is ground in our community activated installation where we will be encouraging visitors to gather the swathes of material and weave an ongoing fabric together.

Surrounded by the talents of three Sarabande studio residents whose weaving takes very different forms – jeweller Megan Brown, interdisciplinary artist Anouska Samms and designer Martina Spetlova, WARPED will showcase the artists’ own unique approaches to weaving and their use of varied materials – from human hair to woven leather and precious metals.

The show will explore themes surrounding family lineage, heritage and community, working alongside the warp and weft and seeking to highlight the modern day and innovative uses of the loom, a machine which has remained relatively unchanged throughout time and geography.