The Sarabande Mayfair Takeover: WED at House of Bandits

The Sarabande Mayfair Takeover: WED at House of Bandits

Bringing Sarabande to the artistic forefront, the Sarabande pop-up store 'House of Bandits' will serve as the central hub for Sarabande artists for 3 glorious months. The store and gallery space will sell work by a range of the 100 artists and designers that the Foundation has supported to date. The name itself was created by Foundation ambassador, journalist Tim Blanks who coined the term ‘Sarabandits’ for the Foundation’s ‘renegade’ alumni.

Brides-to-be, evening-wear enthusiasts and in-laws...from 10th to 14th November (11:00 AM - 19:00 PM), WED will be available for MTO appointments with guests, so if you are a fan of surrealistic pieces, WED is the one for you. Moreover, in conversation with Tamsin Blanchard on the 11th, WED will be discussing single-occasion garments and bridal couture as well as their particular, novel  approach to the creation of  their garments.

A film will be available to view, providing answers to your questions- so you can drop-in and view WED’s bridal gowns on display.




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Visitors will be required to wear masks and be provided with hand sanitizer on entry and exit of the space.