The Sarabande Mayfair Takeover: Berke Yazicioglu Artist Residency at House of Bandits

On 22nd October, from 17:00 to 19:00pm, our artist-in-residence Berke Yazicioglu will be taking over House of Bandits with his world of illustrative design, visual music, and ornate textiles. 

Berke creates his visual interpretation of Igor Strakovsky's ballet composition 'The Rite of Spring', intertwined with themes of censorship and desire, with ideas of ritual and pagan folklore embedded within his large-scale pieces. 

From the studios to the streets of Mayfair and straight into House of Bandits, Berke will be engaging in colourful chatter, questions and answers, and perhaps even an artistic if you are a fan of Berke and his work, you know what to do...!