STITCH, BITCH! - Embroidery Workshop with Aurora Pettinari York

Embroidery Workshop with Aurora Pettinari York 5 OCTOBER
18:30 - 21:00
Doors open at 18:30. Make sure to arrive on time!
Stitching the threads of time together, the craft of embroidery has knotted stories of myth and legend. With tales of bygone heroes and fictitious creatures, it has been used to make sense of both the inner and outer world. With mastery over a 17th century raised embroidery technique, Sarabande artist-in-residence Aurora Pettinari York unites Greco-Roman mythology and embroidery in the navigation of her private world.
In this Craft Week-special Sarabande workshop, we take inspiration from Aurora’s ‘The Washing Line’ (2021). Chimera, Pegasus, Cerberus and Centaur - embroidery techniques, appliqué, words and your personal ornaments will be used to evoke your inner self within a mythical creature.
And who knows, maybe it will bring something out within you.
A sketch or a mental image - think about how this mythical creature will take form. Please make sure to bring your own scissors and any ornaments - materials and embellishments will also be provided!
Please note that these events are being filmed and photographed for internal and commercial purposes. By attending these events you are accepting these terms.
Visitors will be required to wear masks and be provided with hand sanitizer on entry and exit of the exhibition.
Presented by Sarabande Foundation.