Sarabande Group Show 2018

Sarabande Group Show 2018

15th August - 4th September 2018

'Sarabande Group Show 2018', an exhibition held at Sarabande Foundation.

A showcase of exceptional talent, this edited collective demonstrates Sarabande's mission to support an expansive range of disciplines. This diverse exhibition will include a variety of performance art, photography, fashion, sculpture, painting and taxidermy.

Judas Companion is an artist who explores the theme of a ”mask" and a ”masked self-portrait" through photography, sculpture, drawing and video.

Taxidermist Harriet Horton’s approach to taxidermy is to explore animals in a foreign environment from their original habitat. The use of dyes and lighting allow a playful narrative to a medium that sometimes holds a macabre association.

Michaela Yearwood-Dan’s paintings are a nostalgic journey of life, that explore ideas centered around her British-Carribean heritage and femininity. Her work embraces botanical and tropical elements, as well as depictions of inner-city environments, all done whilst interchanging between figurative and abstract outcomes.

Georgia Lucas-Going is a Contemporary UK artist from Luton. Her practice exists in a range of mediums from installation to sculpture, performance and video art and her work confronts themes of stereotypes, power dynamics, exploring humour and the everyday.

Sam Rock is a photographer and art director and founder of Gasoline Pictures, a progressive and diverse collective of photographers who work and collaborate to realise projects together. Represented by Art + Commerce, Rock’s photography is characterised by a unique colour palate and a sense of romanticism and nostalgia.

Joshua Beaty is a visual artist working between art and fashion. Fascinated by the monstrosity of over-interpretation, his practice investigates pleasure and disgust in unison.

Mircea Teleaga is an oil painter whose work is of an autobiographical nature, often giving freedom to the viewer to interpret.

Please note that this event is being filmed and photographed for internal and commercial purposes, by attending this event you are accepting these terms.

Supported by our founding sponsor, Ketel One Vodka.