Regional Scholars Announced

Regional Scholars Announced

August 2016

We welcome on board our first regional scholars with huge thanks to our Patrons and friends of the foundation for giving their time to meet with all of the candidates and make this life-changing decision.

British menswear designer Todd Lynn helped Sarabande by sitting on the panel to chose Alice Burnhope - BA Textiles at Loughborough University, Claudia Bampoh – BA Fashion Design at Manchester Metropolitan and Isabelle Pennington-Edmead – BA Fashion at Nottingham Trent.

Sarabande Patron, Shaun Leane chose jeweller, Andrea Dritschel for the first scholarship at the University of Dundee and artist Hugo Wilson selected Kitty McMurray for the Sarabande Scholarship on the MFA at Northumbria.


Works by Kitty McMurray, Andrea Dritschel and Isabelle Pennington-Edmead