London Craft Week x Shaun Leane | Talks

May 2017

As part of London Craft Week 2017, British jewellery designer, Shaun Leane, explored what the power of imagination has in fuelling the creative process. From a traditional jewellery apprenticeship, Shaun has spent twenty years carving out a unique career by pushing the boundaries of jewellery design and applying his skills to fashion, design and architecture. His collections and collaborations have drawn critical praise.

The audience had the chance to hear about his seventeen years of collaboration with Lee Alexander McQueen and how, together, they produced some of fashion’s most ground-breaking catwalk creations. Leane examines how this period influences his attitude to design and instilled ambitions to explore new materials and techniques. Shaun also bought along some of his most ground-breaking pieces, including the star headpiece and Pearl of Tahiti Necklace.

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