Introducing | Castro Smith, Judas Companion & Tenant of Culture

Introducing |  Castro Smith, Judas Companion & Tenant of Culture

Introducing: Castro Smith

Castro is a jewellery designer that values craftsmanship in the creation of his work. It’s historical identity has been a huge inspiration for the symbology and iconography incorporated into each of his pieces. All of Castros tools are handmade, some only being used a few times each year, but all serving a different purpose. He aims to take his traditional craftsmanship and “move it into contemporary progression” by combining new material with old processes, creating a new aesthetic.


Introducing: Judas Companion

Established in 2016 by Central Saint Martins graduate and German native Jasmin Reif, the Judas Companion label aims to unite art and fashion through wearable structures. At the centre of her practice are “grotesque masks made of soft yarn and oversized garments made of recycled leather” which Reif photographs in different conceptual environments. Her German heritage and the effects of Brexit have recently impacted her work with her current project dealing with England as her “home” in the form of a wearable sculpture depicting a fully furnished house.


Introducing: Hendrickje Schimmel

Tenant Of Culture is an entity that merges fashion with installation. Created by Hendrickje Schimmel, Tenant Of Culture refers to the position of the artist as “cultural post-producer rather than autonomous creator by translating textual theories of montage to a materialist reality”. Schimmel's work focuses on the institutional archive and surrounding themes such as preservation, decay and cultural hierarchy. She transforms objects by viewing them as scientific or archival, and seeing how people respond to this change, often using square and rectangular shapes to represent the classic form of display.