Inspiration Series | Ai-Da, The World's First Ultra Realistic Robot Artist

Inspiration Series | Ai-Da, The World's First Ultra Realistic Robot Artist

11 DECEMBER 19.30-21.00PM

Artificial Intelligence, combined with one of the most traditional form of art, drawing. When both polarities of innovation and human transcendence are unified, we are introduced to Ai-Da, the world's first ultra realistic robot artist.

The AI robot, who was invented by gallery director Aidan Meller, can draw things from life using a cameras in her eyes, and a mechanical arm developed at Leeds University, and algorithms developed by scientists at the University of Oxford. Ai-Da is a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence and mechanical arms. Facial-recognition technology allows her to draw pencil portraits of people by scanning their features with the cameras in her eyes and using the robotic arm to map them on paper. To create paintings, Ai-Da's drawings are fed into AI algorithms that interact with the Cartesian plane to plot them along two axis and create abstract versions of her art.

Technology and art enthusiasts, seekers of the future, lovers of the past all came together for this awe-inspiring talk, with a guest unlike any other...!



Cover image source: Ai-Da Official Website

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