IN MY STUDIO 2023 Recap

IN MY STUDIO 2023 Recap

Before bidding farewell to our 2022/23 artists in residence, we ventured into their studios to capture the essence of their creative processes and the remarkable projects that took shape within those spaces.


“l needed a lot of hair and lockdown was actually quite useful for that because everyone was unintentionally growing their hair and then giving themselves incredibly dodgy haircuts.”

In this episode of IN MY STUDIO, we caught up with Anouska Samms to explore the intricacies of her practice and delve into the diverse projects undertaken throughout the year.

Anouska uses hair to discuss mother and daughter relationships, the mitochondrial DNA is found in the hair shaft. One of the exhibitions Anouska was a part of this year was our Craft Week exhibition ‘warped’, a group show alongside Sarabande artists Martina Spetlova and Megan Brown. The exhibition invited the public to weave on a 8ft loom.



Step into sculpture artist Urte Janus studio....or LAB?

Exploring concepts of time, Urte embraces life’s natural decay and passing of time. Through these motifs, Urte further discusses her experience growing up in Lithuania in the 90’s during the Soviet collapse and her experience with PTSD related to this time.

“PTSD is like time travel itself because you get flashbacks while you are at the same time living in the present”

For this years Summer Group Show, Urte created an ‘Acid Fountain’. Through the course of the exhibition, the fountain slowly reacted with the evaporating acid, eventually stopping the flow of circulation.



For episode 3 of IN MY STUDIO we ventured into Fuchsia’s studio. 

Using watercolors and oils, Fuchsia delves into the interplay of good and evil, depicting angels and underwater creatures in dreamy landscapes with a belief in their celestial power. Fuchsia sees angels as embodiments of human core values like love and innocence, themes often lost in adulthood.

Fuchsia’s technique combines dynamic and smooth brushwork to accentuate the contrast between good and evil, light and dark, inviting viewers into a philosophical dialogue about contemporary moral conflicts, particularly focusing on issues like climate change.



“I think it’s very funny because everyone loves the cute animals that I draw but all of them are dead.” 

Episode 4 of IN MY STUDIO takes us on a journey into Robert Cooper’s studio, a space where there’s no such thing as a mistake!

Robert’s work relies on intuitive color choices and bold graphic marks, each piece serves as a visual representation of emotions, ranging from chaos and disarray to composed and organised.



“I then gave myself a nose job, basically.”

Shirin Fathi contemplates societal beauty ideals imposed on women, drawing inspiration from 18th-century medical drawings and ancient surgical methods, she uses her body as a canvas to stage gender, beauty, and body issues.

In Episode 5 of IN MY STUDIO, we explored all of Shirin’s projects crafted in her studio…and even got an exclusive demonstration of how she creates her silicone eyes!



Laila Tara H’s practice is rooted in Persian miniature paintings, a tradition dating back to 13th century.

In her work she stays true to the methods, materials, and techniques, exploring the idea of control and how political and societal control takes form in domestic spaces.

“It’s an art form that would’ve been done by 10-12 men over the course of years to produce, like single manuscripts, I am one woman.”

In EPISODE 6 of IN MY STUDIO, we looked back at all the amazing projects that came from the residency, whilst also highlighting the exhibitions at Sarabande that Laila exhibited in.



“For me movement is very important…I think life is always in movement, we are always in movement.”

For episode 7 of IN MY STUDIO, we entered the studio of sculptor and performance artist Isabel Castro Hung, a space where thoughts are woven, research unfolds, and worlds take shape.

Isabel’s work challenges the very essence of gender, heritage, identity, and belonging, transforming these inquiries into wearable sculptures and discussing restrictive conditions within her creations.



 Here comes the ducks! For Episode 8 of IN MY STUDIO, we caught up with Jiaxi to learn how she uses the domestic knitting machine to create sculptures that act as a storage for her memories.

“As an artist people are always asking ‘Where do you come from? What is your identity? Why are you different from other artists?’…I think memory tells me who I am…”

Jiaxi’s sculptures are currently available to purchase online and in-store at House of Bandits.



“Everything I make is almost for me like miniature sculptures and I use them to adorn the body.”

Sarabande jeweller Megan Brown seamlessly blends traditional goldsmith training with her textile expertise. Her sculptural pieces embody the fluidity of fabric, transcending the boundaries between metal and textile.

Inspired by a rich family history and a century-old textile mill, Megan weaves narratives through her art, transforming metal into delicate expressions of heritage and craftsmanship. In Episode 9 of IN MY STUDIO, we entered the jewellers studio to reflect on their year in residency. 



 “You wouldn’t dispose of a piece of jewellery the same way you would a piece of clothes”. 

For episode 10 of IN MY STUDIO, we entered the studio of knitwear and womenswear designer Camille Liu, founder of Pariser Studio.

Quite the reverse of Megan’s practice (who was featured in our last IMS episode), Camille challenges knitwear as a medium by creating sculptural pieces that integrate jewellery into knitwear.

For last London Fashion Week Camille presented her first physical event ‘VESTIGE’, here at Sarabande. Camille did the makeup, creative direction, filming and editing for the Discover Lab film. 

Here we dive deep into the designer’s manufacturing techniques, uncovering what makes her garments so distinct.



‘Fashion is not only making garments it’s about identity, community and differences’. 

Zongbo’s works bring awareness to environmental concerns, social issues and animal rights, creating an alternative world that allows us to reflect on how we can all live a little bit better.

Through episode 11 of IN MY STUDIO, we look closely at Zongbo’s process, as he works back and forth between physical and digital processes to create his own digital ‘Protopia’ ecosystems.



Plastic axes, tongue fans and cakes that bite back.Welcome to Taryn O’Reilly’s studio for Ep.12 of IN MY STUDIO!

Taryn O’Reilly’s work explores femininity, desire, sexuality and how different types of media influences that. Towards the end of 2023, we commissioned Taryn to create ‘Eton mess’, allowing her to elevate her materiality by working in ceramics. 



‘Can I make fashion work? Can fashion take it?’

For our last episode of IN MY STUDIO, we entered Kasia Wonziak’s studio, uncovering the ins and outs of the traditional wet-plate technique and reflecting on the vast range of projects that were created within the space.


Thank you for joining us for this year’s IN MY STUDIO series, we’ve loved sharing it with you all…now till next year!