Fragile Rage: Upcycling Workshop with Katy Mason

Fragile Rage: Upcycling Workshop with Katy Mason




Doors open at 18:30 for refreshments, kindly provided by Will Sark beers. Workshop begins promptly at 19:00 so make sure to arrive on time!

Anything that you consider trash is Katy Mason's treasure. Through creative reuse, Katy takes discarded trinkets, widgets and more in an upcyclist endeavour to produce novel jewellery pieces and sculptures. Whether it be a tampon applicator, wooden fork, broken electronics...Katy takes these objects and repurposes them.

Chained to the concept of 'fragile rage', Katy bends and hammers loud, hard objects to form intricate finishings. This fragile rage reflects built-up tension and suppression that contrasts from the fragility of the outer self. Hard objects that reflect the inner rage, brought together to form a false sense of fragility.

In this Sarabande workshop, you are invited to create upcycled pieces that explore the theme of fragile rage. Can we unlock our inner rage and release tension to make what we have broken beautiful again? Can we repurpose items that we hold unusable and make them anew? This workshop will show you how...!

In preparation for this workshop, please make sure to bring items that you consider unusable and broken - old jewellery, hardware, wires, socks - the list is endless.

Due to COVID-19, physical tickets are limited.




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