Davide Carrano's Balenciaga Project

Davide Carrano's Balenciaga Project

Scholar Spotlight:

Designer and Sarabande scholar Davide Carrano is currently on BA Womenswear at Central Saint Martins and, amidst his second year of study, has taken on the Balenciaga project. This project consists of students creating two looks that pay homage to the legendary designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, whilst retaining their own vision.

Here is what Davide had to say about his take on the project:

"The first, sailor inspired look, is the coat made from recycled paper and plastic.  The sleeve has been constructed so it merges the front and back of the garment, creating an ‘S’ silhouette. The paper was hand-painted in order to capture the right shade of blue and then crunched to make it more pliable.
The pants are made of linen and certain parts are cut on bias in order to achieve movement and some others are on straight grain to be disciplined. I have started to explore this use of the grain after looking at the work of Vionnet and Balenciaga.

The second look comprises of a set: top and trousers in hemp, dyed by myself in a shade of light blue and light grey. I have used one overall colour to contrast bottom and top with the mohair skirt suspended around the waist. I have chosen hemp since it is considered one of the most ecological natural fibres. While the mohair skirt has the typical stripe used by Balenciaga and references of the embroideries, used in order to cover the seams."


Photography by Mathea Hoffmann.