CHIMERA: The Exhibition | Torishéju at the Sarabande Foundation

21-22 MAY

10:00 - 18:00

Building upon her MA final collection, Sarabande scholar Torishéju presents CHIMERA: The Exhibition. An extension of her homonymous collection, the exhibition will invite viewers into Torishéju's phantasmagorical world.

The images of body horror in art and cinema that inspired this collection depict the ultimate loss of control. Forms break free of the body, creating new and unwanted shapes and selves; disorder emerges from order. Torishéju always begins with aspects of the conventional male silhouette. They give the viewer a reassuring sense of something human which she then disturbs with areas of concentrated distortion. With these jutting and twisting new forms, Torishéju's goal is to engineer chaos in the heart of the familiar.

About Torishéju:

Torishéju’s initial perception of fashion was informed by her mother’s enamoured taste of 19th century décor and art, which she was constantly surrounded by in her family home growing up. Her Nigerian and Catholic upbringing plays a huge role throughout her work, religion and spirituality being constant running themes. Torishéju's ability to take historical research and infuse it with her interest of cultural anthropology, has allowed her to turn fantasy into realistic concepts for designs and garments. Through this extensive body of research, drawing from historical and present events throughout history and her personal life, bridging the gaps between fantasy and reality.




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