Chalk in Hand: Life Drawing Workshop with Hamed Maiye

CHALK IN HAND: Life Drawing Workshop with Hamed Maiye




Doors open at 18:30 for refreshments provided by Will Sark beers. Please ensure to arrive on time as workshop begins promptly at 19:00.

When we think of chalk - where does our mind go to? The classroom? Your neighbourhood sidewalk? A tailor's studio? We see chalk being used both recreationally and fleetingly, but surely there is more to this piece of rock and what it can do.

Sarabande artist-in-residence Hamed Maiye takes the age-old medium of chalk into his creative practice, creating multi-layered portraits in his exploration of identity, memory and their malleable nature.

Dusting 2021 away, this workshop will let you start the new year with a blast of creativity - all with chalk in hand.