Artists Beware! Be Savvy in The Art World

Artists Beware! Be Savvy in The Art World

Artists Beware! Be Savvy in The Art World

24 MAY

19:00 - 21:00

Doors open at 19:00 for refreshments and talk starts at 19:30 on the dot!

Are you an artist? Have you ever fallen for a scam? Have you ever been subject to shifty behaviour in the art world?

With everyone trying to make a quick buck, A.I. bots nicking your artwork, and sneaky hidden commission costs, the art world is quickly filling up with advantageous schemes and potential pitfalls for artists.

Let's learn how to avoid them and how to always have the upper hand.

Join us for a masterclass in what to look out for as foul play is the rise, and importantly how to keep your image and your work safe.

With advice from Lawyer Jon Sharples, and Daniel Rudd of DACS (Design and Artists' Copyright Society) alongside Sarabande artist Izaak Brandt, we are bringing in the experts who will deep dive into how you can protect your IP, and the latest legislations surrounding copyright imaging of artwork. 

It's time to protect yourself and your work - see you there!



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