Artist/Curator in conversation| I do do it

Artist/Curator in conversation| I do do it

Donal Sturt also be will be in conversation with curator of the event Tess Charnley to discuss his solo exhibition at Sarabande, I do do it.  

Donal Sturt is an autodidactic artist. His practice is informed by, and satirises, his background in graphic design and his experience in the commercial creative industry. He was previously Sarabande’s artist-in-residence, with a solo exhibition Now By Me in 2017. He also featured in the exhibition Training in 2018, a collaboration between himself and Andy Ogungbemile. Sturt runs drawing workshops with children which align with Kellogg’s ethos of allowing children to draw freely without adult direction or interference. 

Tess Charnley is a writer and curator based in London. She curated the exhibition Experiment | Control at Blyth Galleryin 2018 and has had writing appear on a variety of platforms, including Filthy Dreams arts and culture blog.



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