1 Granary x Sarabande Programme | Talks

1 Granary x Sarabande Programme | Talks

29 June - 20 July 2017

A series of invitation-only talks at the foundation, in collaboration with 1 Granary. These talks aim to give ​CSM/RCA MA Fashion students and graduates essential knowledge for either starting ​their own brand after graduation, or finding a job with one of the industry’s best companies. The talks will touch on a variety of subjects to grow ​their understanding of the business: from buying to law, recruitment to sponsorships - a program has been designed in which key speakers will be in conversation with emerging designers and the 1 Granary team.


Programme of speakers:

Thursday 29th June 2017- Hugh Devlin - Fashion Law Made Understandable

Thursday 6th July 2017 - Gena Smith - How to Land a Job With One of LVMH's Top Luxury Brands

Thursday 13th July 2017 - Philip Rouse - Showrooms, Production and Sales Demystified

Thursday 20th July 2017- Mesh Chhibber - A Designer Friendly Introduction to PR