Stephen Akpo

Stephen Akpo is a British Nigerian multidisciplinary artist who uses the mediums drawing, painting and fashion, to create artworks which encapsulate the broad process of self-healing.

His artistic odyssey is rooted in the profound experiences of grief and the loss of cherished ones, sparking a profound exploration of his melancholic introspection and unwavering optimism, mirroring the dualistic nature of existence itself.

Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of sources, including movies, comic books, and music, he channels these influences to manifest his visions of self-actualization and consciousness, shaping the very essence of his work’s aesthetics and conceptual depth. Whilst he aims to share his life learnings and challenges with others through his work, rather than conveying his thoughts overtly, he uses an abstracted version of his internal conversations to relate to others through paint, in an emotive way.