Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd is a London based sculpture artist working with sugar and Isomalt, creating figures resembling stained glass. Her practice is led by properties of entertainment and media consumption to escape and numb oneself, re-imagining entertainment pre-cinema in a half-hearted rejection of modernism.

The mischeivios materiality of sugar and lead is reflective of the addictive, sickly and enjoyable qualities of entertainment media. Lloyd’s figures, in spite of their material facades, perhaps see their own predicament; the desire to have more even when they are full, and their subsequent deterioration.

Her work critiques the controlling grip of consumerism whilst exploring the tipping willingness ofthe consumer to let it take hold. Lloyd completed her BA in Fine Art at City Guilds of London Art Schools this year and was recently selected as part of the StART x New Blood Art Emerging Art Prize to present her work with Saatchi Gallery London.