Camille Liu is a French Chinese womenswear designer based in London, founder of the brand PARISER.

Her work lies in the conversation between juxtaposed craft forms. Educated as a knitwear designer, trained in couture techniques from Chanel’s Maison Lemarié, Lanvin, and Atelier Vernoux, and raised as a pattern cutter by her mother, she is uniquely able to clash codes of the hand-crafted decorative with the sincerity and comfort of the tactile.

Throughout her practice she drew inspiration for jewellery design, using its ornamented vocabulary, chains, stones, rhinestones, pearls and incorporating in knit.
She developed a visual vocabulary heavily inspired by jewellery design- using materials such as chains, stones, rhinestones, pearls and incorporating it into her knitwear.
Motifs of decay and the effects of time and wear regularly take place in her work; artisanally unfinished trims, frayed denim rendered in merino knit, as she tries to subvert her training to explore new ways in which these traditional techniques can be expressed in the pursuit of look-again broken elegance.

She wants to place knitwear’s unique tactile properties central to the wearer's experience, a set of qualities that stem from craft and an unreplicable feel that only artisanal crafted objects possess.

She strives to instill these qualities into her garments in the hope that her clients will regard them with preciousness and longevity, as pieces to be held onto for many years to come.