Lulu Wang

Lulu Wang (she/her) is a London-based Chinese interdisciplinary artist. Through visual work and performance-making, her practice explores the body as a vessel and a shifting space that forms the shape of human identity.

By incorporating AI technology, dance and post-humanism narratives, her practice uses abstract visual language and character to translate the symbiotic connections between emotional worlds and their physical embodiment - reflecting the reality  of imperfection inside humanity and its nature and fantasies of its existence in the multiverse.

Wang’s work has been presented internationally such as Christie’s, The Place theatre, Tate Modern, Southbank Centre, Gazelli Art House, Shoreditch Arts Club, Reference Point at 180 Strand , UK Mexican Arts Society, Cromwell Place in London; UK Pavilion Expo 2020 in Dubai; and DOOR Foundation in Amsterdam. Wang accomplished her Master’s degree in Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art in 2021. Wang is also the co-founder of ‘Diasporas Now’ - an expanded performance art platform celebrating global majority and cross-diasporic solidarity, helping diasporic performance artists of colour gain exposure.