Chaney Diao

Selected by Turner Prize-winning painter Chris Ofili CBE, Chaney Manshu Diao is a Slade MA scholar and artist. Following her BA & MA in Fashion at Central Saint Martins, Chaney currently studies MA Fine Art Media at Slade. 

In Chaney’s current practice, she believes the artistic capacity of fashion as a subject area welcomes a transcendence of its commodity status, superficiality, and ephemerality. With her practice offering boundless use of various mediums, Chaney’s work is always beyond fashion garments to rise thinking around fashion-initiated concerns - sociologically, philosophically, and politically. 

Chaney has been exhibited national-wide since 2019. Among them, she also co-curated her solo exhibition as part of the east end Nocturnal Creature Art Festival 2019 hosted by White Chapel Gallery.