Thomas Garnon

Over the past year Thomas has been continuing his interest in creating work that demonstrates fluidity within its own visual imagery. Often using materials that are readily available to hand, he creates situations in which the work is completed when viewed by the public. In Thomas’ most recent body of work, he has been interested in how natural surfaces can be activated when different narratives are introduced. Scale is a very important aspect in his work, and as a result, the viewer is encouraged to get close and spend time studying the vitality of each piece, coming to his or her own conclusions of what the surface may represent. Thomas Garnon graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2013. Recent exhibitions and press include: 'Thomas Garnon: In Paper', Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation, London (2017); ‘Line, Body, Light’, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London (2016); '3459', In collaboration with Flux Factory (New York), and Tom’s Etching Studio (London), (2016); NES Artist Residency, Iceland (2016); 'The Awe of the Other', Aldeburgh Beach South Lookout Residency, Suffolk, England, (2014); Made in Mind Magazine, Issue 07, (2016); 'The State of Art: Installation & Site Specific #2', Bare Hill Publishing, Worcestershire, UK (2015).