Katy Mason

A multi disciplinary artist and designer covering jewellery, sculpture and fashion, Katy Mason's practice is linked to the value of found materials through their life and history and the appropriation of materials conventionally deemed as waste. By repurposing them, she aims to elevate them and increase their worth through a treatment and care that produces an intricate, sensitive and tangled aesthetic.

Object sourcing and curating is inspired by the beauty in mechanical restoration and the practical and aesthetic detail in construction processes such as building and electronics. Through these, she aims to place carefully collected, curated and edited objects in an unconventional fashion/art space. Objects are developed intricately into pieces that aim to represent the conflict between consumeristic culture and the need for community. 

Through also designing with the up cycling brand SOUP ARCHIVE as well as co producing the discussion group Trash Talk alongside fellow Sarabande resident Matthew Needham, Katy explores collaborative processes within an ethic sustainability.