Grzegorz Stefański

“Sarabande creates an environment that is very supportive and challenging at the same time. It not only offers studio space but also mentorship and opportunity of peer-to-peer discussion with other talented artists.” 


Grzegorz Stefański has been in residence in the Sarabande studios since October 2018. Before attending art school, he earned a masters degree in philosophy and made his artistic debut with a solo exhibition during Cracow Photomonth Festival in 2010. He concluded his artistic education at The Slade School of Fine Art in London and Mirosław Bałka’s Studio of Spatial Activities in Warsaw. In 2017 he won the Ivan Juritz Prize in London and the Grand Prix at the Biennale of Young Art in Poland. He has exhibited his works at the Whitechapel Gallery in London (2018), Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (2018), Ujazdowski Castle Centre of Contemporary Art (2018) and Manifesta 11 in Zurich (2016). Grzegorz's 2018 exhibition “spill” was a three-channel installation that developed on motifs around the materiality of a performer's body. Fractions of a  second were stretched into a  sequence that plays over dozens of seconds, with an aim to challenge viewer’s expectations. Born out of personal experience of vulnerability and inspired by the aesthetic of early crime scene photography, the installation can be interpreted not only as a  reflection of the performer's private history but also as a  commentary on the condition of the contemporary world in the time of falling governments, banks, buildings or entire legal systems.