Arthur Poujois Chretien

Arthur Poujois (b.1994, Charleville, France) is a painter, stained glass artist and curator. He studied at the Slade school of fine art, the New York Studio school of drawing and the Sorbonne.
“When I’m making a painting, the intuitive wins over the thinking process. There is always a moment of truth that translates in one given moment; which usually means I am longing for that moment to happen, and building up to it when not painting; making stained glass and deepening the forms extracted from the pictures. I hold a great dedication to mastering focus and building a memory of gestures and techniques that can represent what my inner world looks like. There is a common denominator to the reality of my emotions and the power of narratives: rhythm. It has a quality of never-ending, nor beginning- rhythm is anarchic and constantly growing.”
Poujois aims to make paintings that are sensations of subconscious rhythms, realised in his fantasies. Subjects of an everlasting coming into being. He believes this is the aim of his process: making images that puzzle the notion of representation, the axis subject/object, and convey a sensorial reading of narratives through physical impressions and feelings.
He is currently working on developing an ecological language of images and objects; how to engage with the work in space by going ‘out-of-frame’, by intercepting the glamour (magic spell) he hopes to convey with his work; by ‘manipulating’ it with other mediums (virtual, installation, glass) : from an image of reality to the reality of the image; a new narrative for the death of autopoiesis.
Poujois has shown in several group shows in Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong. He lives and works in London.