Group Show 2017 | Behind the Scenes

Following on from the Sarabande group show, which was open 8th-25th August, and showcased works by Mircea Teleaga, Freya E. Morris, Saelia Aparicio and Thomas Garnon, we are excited to bring you some behind the scenes footage. The show opened the artists' eyes in to the work involved behind putting together an exhibition in a shared and collaborative space, allowing their ideas to bounce off of each other but also forcing them to compromise to ensure that all of their visions could be realised. Although most of our guests and friends were able to see the success of the finished product, we had the opportunity to experience what went in to creating the show in the run up to its debut and wanted to share it with our audience. We have created a series of behind the scenes footage and interviews with our artists, to allow you to a sneak peek in to the Group Show - watch below!