Sarabande Manifesto 2022

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The Sarabande Manifesto is an annual publication by the Foundation reflecting on the year gone by. Amongst its pages you will read about Sarabande's activations in details, our legacy, our ethos, our alumni and our future. Supported by titans in the creative and luxury sectors, our Manifesto is distributed far and wide to patrons of the arts, luxury brands, Friends of the Foundations, HNWi, collectors, galleries, visitors and more.

Your page in the Sarabande Manifesto demonstrates your patronage to creativity and the arts. Standard placement: £1,500 + VAT. Specified placement: £2,500 + VAT. 

All proceeds will benefit the Foundation. Please email to arrange details on artwork.  

Please note: the artwork shown here is for reference only. The 2022 edition of the Sarabande Manifesto will have a different cover.