Auroboros Atokirina Coat

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Inspired by the Avatar world the ‘Atokirina’ seeds represent the pure and sacred spirits of the Tree of Souls.
If chosen its presence will surround you.

Atokirina coat is a statement and the first piece released from the Biomimicry Digital collection by AUROBOROS. Existing only in digital form this special release for Sarabande / House of Bandits is a unique opportunity to purchase the Atokirina Coat before the official Biomimicry Digital collection launch.

Become the first in the world to wear it !

Product information:
Unreal materials / All body inclusive / Digitally delivered / Zero waste

Color - multicolour ( translusent purple, white, violet to yellow glow)
Material - digitally textured sillicon,

digital fur

digitally sculpted flower stems and pollen

Once purchased, please email your order number and photograph of yourself to to receive your Auroboros Atokirina Coat!