Fearless creativity, BOUND together


A sculptural dedication to the intimacy of print ..

An artwork in itself, no two BOUND collections will be the same. 36 of the 100+ artists that have been supported and mentored through the Foundation have contributed new artworks for the project. 

The limited-edition of 100 copies will feature works where paper has been sculpted, cut, embossed, perforated, hand painted, embroidered and dyed. There are fold outs and cut outs, collages and transparent ‘windows’.

20 of the artists – from fashion designers, performance artists and jewellers to painters and filmmakers - have also created 10 original artworks each which will be randomly scattered throughout the limited run of 100 books, with each edition of BOUND including two original artworks. The book is bound tight in hand-embroidered linen in the traditional Japanese Furoshiki style. The wrap features Sarabande’s signature deadhead moth flying free of the flame and drawn to the light, in a design inspired by Escher. 

Each sale of BOUND benefits the Foundation and artists directly.