The Sarabande Mayfair Takeover: Emma Witter at House of Bandits

The Sarabande Mayfair Takeover: Emma Witter at House of Bandits

Bringing Sarabande to the artistic forefront, the Sarabande pop-up store 'House of Bandits' will serve as the central hub for Sarabande artists for 3 glorious months. The store and gallery space will sell a range of work by 100 artists and designers that the Foundation has supported to date. The name itself was created by Foundation ambassador, journalist Tim Blanks who coined the term ‘Sarabandits’ for the Foundation’s ‘renegade’ alumni. 

Our Sarabande artist Emma Witter will be taking residency at House of Bandits from 27th - 31th October, letting you all gain the chance to engage in artistic conversation, exploring her work and process up-close and personal like never before...

Emma Witter’s sculptural works are formed from animal bones, which she often salvages from her own cooking. After meticulously cleaning, bleaching, and categorising the bones, she assembles them into beautifully ornamental, organic forms. A novelistic craft with a novelistic process which is truly a sight to see.

Although her practice typically focuses on bones, through her residency, Emma will be taking a different approach! With the assistance of our good friends over at Fortnum and Mason, who have kindly donated non-odorous food waste such as shells and various peelings, guests will be invited to create floral structures...all collected to form one large bouquet entitled 'The Living Dead'.

So, mark the date in your calendars, make your way to Mayfair and step into House of Bandits...






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