Exhibition for International Women's Day

Exhibition for International Women's Day

04-06 March 10.00-17.00
07-08 March 11.00-17.00

Private View - 04 March 18.30 - 20.30

For International Women's Day 2020, Sarabande presents an exhibition of works by Shannon Bono, Camilla Hanney and Paloma Tendero.

Although they work in very different mediums – sculpture, painting and photography – in their work they all represent the female body, exploring themes of sexuality, body politics and power, and the impact that religion, illness, culture and society has on how we view the female form.

Shannon Bono is a painter whose mission is to advocate for the presence of black bodies; captured through scale, colour and anatomical manipulation. Camilla Hanney is a ceramicist and sculptor who is exploring historical issues surrounding the suppression of women’s desires and sexuality in both art and religion. Paloma Tendero is a photographer who explores how the DNA we inherit means that we build physical and psychological relationships with others and our bodies; relationships that may that end up defining us completely.




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