Catching Up With Our CSM Scholars

Catching Up With Our CSM Scholars

We caught up with four of our Central Saint Martins BA scholars, bringing an exclusive lowdown on their graduate collections presented last May. It's not just about the designs; it's about the inspirations and the stories that give their creations life. Buckle up as we unravel the worlds of Carson Lovett, Cathy Meyong, Izzy McKinlay and Sam Crabbe.

First up, meet Sarabande scholar, Carson Lovett. Last May, Carson took centre stage presenting their BA collection titled "Good Girl." The collection wasn't your typical runway affair; much rather a journey into modern Bohemianism, seen through the kaleidoscope of Pre-Raphaelite era art objects and contemporary thrift culture.

Carson's collection was a fusion of the strange and the fruity, inviting us into a world where tradition meets rebellion. Embracing traditional techniques, they play with synthetic colors and decade-specific silhouettes, crafting a collection that's as polarising as it is captivating. 

'I think Mother Nature is the best designer', through collected horns & other natural gems, we caught up with Cathy Meyong to learn how nature became the focal point in her designs. By using horns at the start of her design process, Cathy crafted a collection directly inspired and sculpted around nature. 

For Sarabande scholar Izzy McKinlay, it's all about blending the surreal with the practical. Picture this: the Australian Blue Mountains, coastal terrains, motorcycle rides with her brother—now that's the inspiration. We caught up with Izzy to dive deep into the dynamic motion and nostalgia that fuelled her BA collection. Get ready for a ride through the speed of time and a place of escape.

Sam Crabbe's BA collection was inspired by childhood fantasies and birds of prey, especially the majestic peregrine falcon. In our catchup, Sam takes us on a journey through his BA collection, where youthful dreams of flight give life to designs resonating with familiarity and liberation.

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