Marta Klara Sadowska

Marta Klara (Warsaw, Poland) is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker. She is a recent Fine Art graduate from Central Saint Martins (London, UK). Her practice originates from the perception of the world as rooted in a surreal realm - "I think of my work as both a portal into another world and a mirror of the world that we live in."

The artist ponders upon how art and technology enable us to transgress physical spaces. She explores a way of linking the human body with the landscape becoming a mediator between diverse beliefs and plural existences. The storytelling of Marta Klara shows her interest in cultural anthropology and the intersection of vanishing Slavic rituals with post-Internet aesthetics. Marta Klara is also a fervent collector of objects and textiles from flea markets which then contribute to her eclectic designs.