Final Year Project Award - CSM BA Fashion 2022

The Sarabande Project award is intended to enable students to complete their final year collection and presentation in a way that may otherwise not have been possible. The award is available to undergraduate students, and each year will offer up to two awards to a maximum of £3,000 to each successful applicant.

The fund is intended to support an ambitious final year project, and help the designer budget properly. It will not be awarded to buy expensive materials unless it’s a justifiable requirement of your concept, or fund unnecessary travel. Before applying we would encourage you to think about organisations who could support you for materials, or individuals who could offer services for free or discounted rates. Sarabande acknowledges that a designer may require funds to complete an ambitious final year project but believes that creatively thinking and resolving problems is imperative to success.

Within the application we expect to see a complete budget for your graduate collection and show clearly how this money will be spent. We also expect to see that you have researched different cost options and have clearly thought about how you would complete the project if you do not receive the fund. 

Recipients of the award must provide an end of project report by July 31st, 2022

  1. Showing actual budget vs estimate budget presented. 
  2. And in 250-300 words, any lessons learnt during the process, and the impact the award made to their final year project.  

Using our online form, please answer the questions outlined and upload 4 images of your work plus your proposed detailed budget by 6pm, 23rd May 2022.