The Sarabande Collection with The Rug Company

The Sarabande Collection with The Rug Company

THE SARABANDE COLLECTION Available from The Rug Company showrooms and at

We are thrilled to announce the Sarabande Collection in collaboration with The Rug Company. With a shared passion for craftsmanship and the arts, Sarabande and the Rug Company bring five new designs based on the works of  Sarabande alumni Castro Smith, Mircea Teleaga, Stephen Doherty, Michaela Yearwood-Dan and Shinta Nakajima. 

With each rug unique as the artist themselves, the rug designs celebrates the work of these five outstanding, independent creatives who have been supported by the foundation – each a master of their craft. The Rug Company worked alongside each of these five artists from different disciplines to create art pieces for the floor, transposing their individual visions into this masterful collection.

Each rug reflects the unique skill and creative art of its designer - delicate paintings are transposed to silk and wool rugs, while a silversmith’s hammering and chasing skills are transformed into a hand-carved silk design, with every rug demonstrating the phenomenal skills of artists without limits.

Woven by The Rug Company’s expert craftspeople, with the finest Tibetan wool and silk,  the collection will be available from The Rug Company showrooms and at