Sarabande at V&A's Friday Late: 'Feminist Futures'

Sarabande at V&A's Friday Late: 'Feminist Futures'

Sarabande artist Anna Perach, Daisy Collingridge and Shirin Fathi perform at the V&A's Friday Late: Feminist Futures. The evening shared how feminist networks of care can be extended beyond conventional boundaries, debunking dominant narratives on gender, race and the body.



The Friday Late imagines future waves of feminism and its agents of change. Artists, performers and collectives explore alternative pathways of feminism through sensorial experiences, healing, activism practices and ancestral stories. The Late celebrates ways of strengthening support for communities marginalised by patriarchal systems and under-represented in previous waves.

 Anna Perach's practice explores the dynamic between personal and cultural myths, she is interested in how our private narratives are deeply rooted in ancient folklore and storytelling. The performance she did at V&A museum is called “Ecstasies”.

Daisy Collingridge educated in fashion design, her practices focus on making squishy wearable sculptures (also known as flesh suits). Seeking to joyfully represent the human form in a bodily and fantastical way. 

“Fathi uses her own face, roleplay, prosthesis and makeup to explore cultural meanings behind the popularity of rhinoplasties in Iran.” - V&A

Shirin Fathi is a multi-disciplinary artist and curator. Her own practice focuses on cultural changes in relation to gender identity. The performance she did at V&A museum called “Have you seen my nose?”.

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