Kitty McMurray MFA Graduate Show

Last month, Northumbria University in Newcastle held their graduate and interim shows, giving students the opportunity to show their work to the public. This year, Sarabande scholar Kitty McMurray (MFA Fine Art) presented in 'You Kept Me Vaguely Sane', this years BxNU MFA Graduate Exhibition. The show itself delves into the concept that creativity itself acts as sanctuary from a political climate that currently prompts a feeling of flux, reaction and adjustment. For the show, McMurray explores urban architecture and the formal and structural compositions that make up urban environments. On her work, McMurray says "through patterns, planes and sculpture, I investigate these sites through their flatness and formal aesthetic...Playing with ideas of 'site' through dislocations and the control the artist has in these situations, I use a variety of tropes and tools to continually question what it means to reconstruct space in terms of its aesthetic quality and through the flatness of the photograph.'. Within the graduate show space, McMurray presented an sculptural installation featuring a variety of materials including wood, polyester and printed images. The piece itself was collapsable, again toying with the possibilities of space in relation to a gallery setting vs urban environments. See the installation below: