Katy Mason presents "SPILL" at Sarabande High Road

Katy Mason presents
Sarabande artist Katy Mason presents solo exhibition at Sarabande High Road titled 'SPILL'. 

By meticulously arranging materials that are often posed as ‘waste’, SPILL balances these overwhelmingly distracting elements with delicacy and validation, portraying the stories of personalities, daily annoyances, rituals and overlooked tasks that define our everyday lives.
Through the exhibition, Katy interprets identity, society, and environment's over-consumption through sculptures and accessories that are made from waste objects found on pavements - portraying stories of personalities and everyday life.

“I wanted to do an exhibition on spillage of stuff, and highlighting, excess amounts of stuff and how much stuff we can get through in a day and how so many overlooked aspects of our lives.”

Katy visualises sculptural artworks through a messy and chaotic mind map. From the mundane snapping of glasses to the deeper symbolism behind discarded items, the exhibition explores both our inner psyches and the impact of our actions on the external world, realising stories of personalities, events, rituals and everyday human tasks.

 “I started in fashion design, so using textiles and materials to create things that was wearable I guess was my way into sculpting in a way.”

The textures and layers incorporated into the exhibition emerge from seemingly insignificant moments of our lives- socks, deodorant, sneakers probably used during tennis practice, and soda cans pilled and pressed down aggressively. Ecstatic and intricate patterns reveal the duality between weights and textures, merging soft, hard, light and delicate all together, highlighting our wants, needs and desires.  

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