INSPIRED: Jake Chapman with Tim Marlow OBE

INSPIRED: Jake Chapman with Tim Marlow OBE

INSPIRED: Jake Chapman in conversation with Tim Marlow OBE


19:00 - 21:00

Doors open at 19:00 for refreshments, kindly provided by Will Sark beers. Talk begins promptly at 19:30 so make sure to arrive on time!

An artist, a visionary and master of opinions - Jake Chapman creates and says a lot, with the volume at full blast. With works that invite spice and debate, Jake Chapman has been a leading figure in the creation of provoking works that force conversation on modern issues. 

“The more shitty, nasty, transgressive the art is, the more it kind of defines the centrifugal tolerance of a liberal society. So there’s no crackdown on transgressive art, there’s encouragement of it” 

Jake is 1/2 of the Chapman Brothers, best know for their controversial approach and groundbreaking works such as The Rape of Creativity (2003), Fucking Hell (2018) and perhaps most notably, Disasters of War (1991), a diorama sculpture comprised of remodelled plastic figurines recreating the scenes depicted in Francisco de Goya’s Disaster of War etchings.

In this INSPIRED talks, Jake gives an exclusive leak on life, art and his career with Director and Chief Executive of the Design Museum and art historian, Tim Marlow OBE. If you are easily offended, shocked or are prone to choking fits, you might want to skip this one. Or don’t. We enjoy the drama...