Charlotte Garnett, Obelisk Ring
Charlotte Garnett, Obelisk Ring

Charlotte Garnett, Obelisk Ring

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One of a kind ring, hand carved from a block of reclaimed white marble. This piece features gently pointed tips and a knife edge. Inspired by the innate desire to touch the marble sculptures that is forever suppressed at galleries, this piece is purpose built to satisfy the urge for such a tactile experience. Its lightweight nature makes for ultra easy wear, and the soft texture of the stone invites the subconscious touch of the wearer, for a luxurious soothing experience. 
1/2 Solid marble ring 

To ensure longevity, store your jewellery in a safe dry place when not worn, separate from other jewellery. Do not wear whilst swimming, showering and exercising. Treat like gemstone to avoid hard wear and tear. Avoid applying perfumes and lotions directly onto the piece. Clean gently with tepid soapy water. For deeper cleaning, mix equal parts white spirit and water and rub with a cotton bud. Compatible for use with marble polishing waxes and oils. 
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Size K1/2 - Ready for shipping, 1-3 weekdays processing time. All other sizes - made to order, 3-4 weeks manufacturing time. 
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